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Vehicle Safety Checks

June 24th, 2013 by

Tyre Pressure CheckThese vehicle safety checks are to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy before you start to drive.

If these checks are carried out on a regular basis they will help keep you safe and save you money, as a car that is well looked after and maintained breaks down less, if at all, and is worth more when you come to sell it.

POWDER and FLOWER are two acronyms that can be used to help you to remember the checklist that all drivers should carry out before starting any journey.

They are really the same checklist with slightly different terms used, pick whichever one you can remember and feel happy with. (more…)

Bike Week 2013

June 21st, 2013 by

Lets Look Out For Each OtherModern driver training should cover in greater depth the vulnerability of cyclists in the cut and thrust of 21st Century Roads.

Long gone are the days of the advice “just give them a wide berth and everything will be ok”!

All drivers need to be more aware of motor cycles and pedal cycles, Bike Week should be the beginning of a better understanding between all road users.

To have a safer road experience in the future drivers, especially Learner drivers who are the drivers of the future, need to be coached and made aware of these vulnerabilities including, but certainly not limited to, the fact that cyclists may swerve or move out suddenly to avoid potholes, drains, puddles etc. They may be suddenly blown off course by the wind and some may not even look before changing direction, when moving out to pass parked cars for example.


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