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Reviews from past pupils

If you’re looking for a driving instructor who is friendly and professional and based in the East end of Newcastle then Mick Duncan is the person you need to contact.

Mick has many years of experience as an instructor who can accommodate for all whether that is you’d prefer manual or automatic or even if you have a disability he’ll always adapt his teaching to suit you.

I passed my test with Mick and I would recommend him over any of the other instructors I've had in the past.

Sam Jackson

Highly recommend Mick to anyone – any ag, any driving skill level, any background.

Mick is friendly, funny and patient.

Micks instruction technique is so much better than others I’ve had in the past. He doesn’t just tell you to do something, he directs you through it and explains why.

For instance he didn’t just tell me to be observant and watch the road signs, he explained upon approach to junctions where to look for them.

Mick not only appreciates his students asking questions, but he also asks the student questions as to their thought process on why they made the driving or what other manoeuvring options could have been better. He makes the student think, not ust be told, what to do.

I passed first time with one driver fault.

Go with Mick – you won’t be sorry!

Eilidh Wilkinson

Well after giving up driving lessons years ago, I decided it was time to start again.

I am so glad I went with Mick as he was very patient and made me feel at ease from the very first lesson. Mick knew I was a nervous driver and he was very supportive throughout which helped my confidence on the road.

I went on to pass my test first time and would like to than Mick for that.

I would highly recommend Mick to anyone.

Great instructor!!

Amanda Lau

Amy-Robson-webI really enjoyed my driving lessons and you made me feel really comfortable on them.

I enjoyed your sense of humour and you got me through my driving test!

Thanks for everything and I’ll miss our lessons.

Amy Robson

Mary-Mirasola-webPhenomenal isn’t a strong enough word to describe how great of an instructor Mick is. He goes well out of his way to ensure you have the best of learning experiences.

I was nervous choosing an instructor as there are many to choose from in Newcastle. However I cannot recommend Mick enough and I am forever grateful I have passed with him.


mica-tang-webI would definitely recommend any new drivers to go with Mick.

He was so patient and such a good teacher particularly when I struggled to understand certain things.

He knew exactly what I struggled with and helped me fix it.

I passed my test within the year while also completing my final year at Uni.

Mick was fantastic and I really enjoyed learning from him.


Melanie-Gray-webI was a nervous driver at first I hated roundabouts and wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to drive!

Thanks to Mick I love driving. He helped change the way I thought about driving and came up with alternative methods/sayings to help me conquer roundabouts.

Lovely, friendly, approachable guy. Highly recommend him for learning to drive!  🙂

Melanie Gray

Jack-Symons-webMick is a very good instructor and since starting lessons with him my driving has improved massively!

He is a patient instructor and his teaching methods make everything simple to learn.

I would recommend Mick over any other driving instructor I have had in the past.

Laura McCabe
Newcastle upon Tyne

From my first lesson through to my last Mick was always extremely patient and supportive of my driving. He helped me progress very quickly, leading to me passing my test earlier than I expected. I am now the fourth child in my family to pass through Mick and I'm sure the next two will do the exact same. It was a pleasure to be taught by you Mick, Thanks a lot! All the best!

Freddie Thorpe
Newcastle upon Tyne

From my first lesson through to my last Mick was always extremely patient and supportive of my driving.

He helped me progress very quickly, leading to me passing my test earlier than I expected.

I am now the fourth child in my family to pass through mick and I’m sure the next two will do the exact same.

It was a pleasure to be taught by you Mick Thanks a lot! All the best.

Freddie Thorpe
Katie Mennim
Newcastle upon Tyne

Katie-Mennim-webWhen I started my lessons with Mick I had a severe fear when driving from a previous instructor.

It took Mick months of explaining and winning my trust to get me to persue my dream of driving.

I never thought the day would come where I would jump in a car and confidently drive.

This only became possible with you Mick

Thank you the best by far.

Katie Mennim

A top quality and personalised service.

Mick quickly saw how I learnt best and tailored his teaching to suit it. I felt that I consistently improved with every lesson.

I’d recommend him to anyone.

Cheers Mick!

Stuart Marsden

David Rowland with Pass CertificateTotally down to earth guy who made me feel at ease from the beginning. Explained everything I should and shouldn't do and given that I passed my first test with only one drivers fault, I'd say he did a cracking job.

David Rowland
Newcastle upon Tyne

Me and my wife both learned to drive through Mick Duncan. We both found him to be very friendly, helpful and made us feel very comfortable while driving. I would highly recommend this driving instructor to anyone. We both passed our test through Mick Duncan.

T & K McDonald
Newcastle upon Tyne

I found Michael to be kind, considerate and patient in teaching me to drive. He always had the time to explain all aspects of driving. I would recommend Michael to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

Newcastle upon Tyne

I was delighted to pass my driving test first time with only 1 minor mark. Mick was very supportive throughout my lessons and always made me feel at ease. He was patient but firm when needed and kept a personal file for my progress. Highly recommended driving instructor. I love the freedom of driving!

Emma McCreadie
Newcastle upon Tyne

Michael was very patient, always put me at ease. He provided me with loads of extra learning materials which were very helpful.

Julieanne Milburn
Newcastle upon Tyne

I started learning to drive while I was in the process of moving jobs and home to Essex. This meant I had to fit my lessons around my busy schedule and more importantly have quality lesson time so I could pass my test before I moved. I found Michael both flexible and understanding to my busy schedule and a brilliant teacher in terms of teaching me to drive, not just to pass my test. I passed my test on 13/10/06, 1 day before I moved. The things I learned through Michael have made me a safe and confident road user today. Thanks Michael.

Paul Davison
Newcastle upon Tyne

Very good. Provides good instructions and is very patient. Recommended.

Nathan Wilson
Newcastle upon Tyne

I was nervous & anxious about the fact that, at 30, I was a late starter in learning to drive. I couldn't have been the easiest pupil to teach, I was always saying "I can't do it". Michael was very patient with me and his sense of humour was a big advantage in making me feel relaxed and comfortable. Michael's teaching methods & his calm & patient approach towards me, made learning fun & boosted my confidence greatly, showing me that I could achieve my main goal of passing my driving test. Proving to me that it was my own lack of confidence, not ability that was holding me back. To Michael teaching people to drive isn't just a job, he cares about his pupils & goes out of his way (often in his own time) to help his pupils. Michael was always punctual for my lessons, he was patient, calm, positive & professional at all times. I would recommend Michael to anyone wanting to learn to drive, regardless of age & ability.

C. Baxter
Newcastle upon Tyne

I found Michael to be a terrific instructor with lots of knowledge. He also helped me a lot with the theory part. He was very patient and clear with his instructions. Would certainly recommend him.

Matthew Pattison
Newcastle upon Tyne

I would recommend Michael Duncan to anyone who is considering taking driving lessons. I firstly had lessons with a different instructor and then moved to Michael who I found to be more friendly, professional and patient. Taking lessons with him is especially good if you feel nervous about driving because he develops your driving at your pace until your confidence has grown. Thanks to him, I passed my driving test on my second attempt.

Hayley Woodhouse
Newcastle upon Tyne

A thoroughly professional instructor, who makes the learner feel at ease with his common sense approach. He has a very pleasant manner, increasing the learners confidence levels without allowing them to become overly confident and relax too much. I would recommend Michael to any learner driver.

Newcastle upon Tyne

I had driven for some 80 hours but was becoming desperate having failed my test 7 times. Within only 4 months, after starting with Michael, my driving was dramatically improved and I passed first time in Newcastle. I am entirely grateful and it was money certainly well spent. Michael is an excellent instructor with plenty of technical knowledge, patience and pride in his work.

Barnaby Baber
Newcastle upon Tyne

Mick was friendly, calm and patient. he quickly grasped the areas I needed to improve on and I no longer became a nervous driver.

I would fully recommend Mick for driving tuition and I thank him for getting me through the process so quickly and helping me to pass first time.

Richard Laughton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Dear Michael, just to say thank you for all your help in getting me through my driving test. You were always patient with me and explained the ins and outs of driving, in a simple and easily understood way. I would happily recommend your services to anyone else wanting to learn how to drive safely.

Jayne Anderson
Newcastle upon Tyne

I found Michael to be a very reliable, honest and friendly instructor who genuinely wanted his pupils to pass, unlike other instructors I had previously experienced. He is dedicated to his profession and will do all he can until you have passed your test. I would highly recommend him to any learner.

Newcastle upon Tyne

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for believing in me and giving me much needed confidence in passing my driving test. A driving test known to be difficult to pass was an extended test. Once again thank you for your support.

Martyn Rootes
Newcastle upon Tyne

My name is Victoria Ellis, I was tutored by Michael Duncan in my desire to learn to drive. I feel passing my driving test first time and also gaining a pass plus was achieved with my determination but most of all through the help and understanding I received from Michael. The professionalism and confidence he had whilst teaching me was exactly what I needed to help me with my nervousness and apprehension to pass my driving test. I can only thank him from the bottom of my heart, as being able to drive went as a plus in my interview for my present position.

Victoria Ellis
Newcastle upon Tyne

Michael was a great instructor, I came to learn to drive at an age when I should have learned to years & years ago, in my late 40s. Michael was a good teacher, he has lots of patience. (He needed it for me.) Michael puts you at ease and you relax, he is also very friendly and we had a laugh and I passed first time with Michaels help. He is a very nice man and a great driving instructor.

S. Thompson
Newcastle upon Tyne

I passed my driving test first time, after taking lessons with Michael. I found Michael to be patient, understanding and reliable. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning to drive. He is very easy to get along with and quickly banishes any nerves or worries you may have. I looked forward to every driving lesson and enjoyed the whole learning experience. Thanks Michael.

Nicola Kirkbride
Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi my name is Kirsty. I had a course of lessons from Mick Duncan and passed my test. In the beginning I was very nervous but thanks to Michael I overcame this and even went on to take a pass plus course which has saved me £300.00 on my insurance. I have now been driving safely for nearly 2 years thanks to his first class instruction on defensive driving. Thank you Mick. Drive safe! Drive Mick Duncan!

Kirsty McElderry
Newcastle upon Tyne

Well what can I say but what a fantastic and very highly recommended instructor. Michael is great at helping to build up confidence and has a very clear voice when giving instructions.

Ashley Robson
Newcastle upon Tyne

I found Mike a very good driving instructor as he is a very patient man, if I could go from not knowing how to start a car to passing my test first time Mike is responsible for that. I would certainly recommend anyone to learn how to drive with Mike.

Alex Bosomworth
Newcastle upon Tyne

I joined Michael following a recommendation from my sister and I am pleased to have been taught by such a lovely, friendly and personable instructor.

I made steady progress and had loads of fun doing it, passed my test first time, the only regret is i'll miss my lessons!

I would recommend anyone to Michael who wants quality lessons that are well structured and a good laugh along the way. Thank you!

Sarah Whitby
Newcastle upon Tyne

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