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July 12th, 2019 by

Highly recommend Mick to anyone – any ag, any driving skill level, any background.

Mick is friendly, funny and patient.

Micks instruction technique is so much better than others I’ve had in the past. He doesn’t just tell you to do something, he directs you through it and explains why.

For instance he didn’t just tell me to be observant and watch the road signs, he explained upon approach to junctions where to look for them.

Mick not only appreciates his students asking questions, but he also asks the student questions as to their thought process on why they made the driving or what other manoeuvring options could have been better. He makes the student think, not ust be told, what to do.

I passed first time with one driver fault.

Go with Mick – you won’t be sorry!

Eilidh Wilkinson

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